These photos are shot from the display easels and are intended to give you an accounting of the winning entries.

It was the pleasure of the Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area and the Goose Lake Prairie Partners to give amateur photographers a chance to practice their skill and learn from each other.

This year we entertained 78 photos from 13 contestants.

photoshowwinners2018023_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018026_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018027_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018028_small.jpg
photoshowwinners2018029_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018030_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018031_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018032_small.jpg
photoshowwinners2018033_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018034_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018035_small.jpg photoshowwinners2018037_small.jpg
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