The Goose Lake Prairie Partners and Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area enjoy giving our visitors a chance to display the great pictures they are taking in State Parks of Illinois and particularily Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area. The following photos are not original files but quick takes while the photos were on our display boards.

Hopefully this gives you a taste of what the judges saw and sorted for the Best in Show. 102 prints were entered.

Many thanks for the assistance of the volunteer judges and members of the Morris Camera Club.

judging_small.jpg judging2_small.jpg judging3_small.jpg youthdivisionboard_small.jpg
peakperchpodacusbykylejones_small.jpg leafbyleahrossi_small.jpg plantanstrandbykylejones_small.jpg rudbeckenbykylejones_small.jpg
lampropeltliftbykylejones_small.jpg sciurusreactusbykylejones_small.jpg monardapollinataxylocopbykylejones_small.jpg spikeabdomenendflybykylejones_small.jpg
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