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          Bison Crawl on Goose Lake Prairie

Celebrate bison, America’s National Mammal, on Saturday, November 5 – National Bison Crawl Day. Local, State and Federal partners will host the Annual Bison Crawl at sites throughout the Prairie State. The purpose of the Bison Crawl is to raise awareness of the historical significance of bison and their importance to the prairies.

Goose Lake Prairie Partners, Inc., Volunteers at Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area. participate with two videos and handouts. Please view them at your leasure.
Because visitor center is closed for rehabilitation, we will not do a viewing at the park November 5.

Presentation on the Uses of the American Bison or Buffalo,
the White Tailed Deer, and the discussion of the Brain Tanning process.

First part - Bison Uses
    "On the Trail To My Moccasins" with Beverly Mansfield (30 min)
     (Click on photo for video.)

Second Video - Bison Uses.     "The Small Stuff" with Beverly Mansfield" (30 minutes)                              
     (Click on photo for video.)

                     (Both videos add to the description of Brain Tanning hides.)

Handouts for the event include:

1.) Reference list on Brain Tanning (PDF)


Buffalo (Bison) Hide Tanning: Brain tanning a Buffalo Robe -- 
BY Thomas J. Elpo.
Brain tan Buckskin with Melvin Beattie: The Tanning Spirit. --  


'Magical ingredient': Hunters learn to tan hides using animal brains in Winnipeg

2.) Traditional Uses of the Buffalo (PDF)

3.) Buffalo Skeleton (PDF)

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